Hello friends,T…

Hello friends,

This blog is about bodily pain and how you deal with it ( arthritis, gout, carpal tunnel, knee, stiff neck, back, shoulder and rotator cuff, etc.) naturally without strong addictive medications. Together we will discuss our favorite natural solutions so others can benefit from our experiences. So with that said, lets get started and really try to help each other. If you are a vendor and want to discuss your product, please feel free to do so, but be considerate and absolutely no attacking the competition. Simply state your case and and offer your positive feedback. This is not an attack blog it is meant as a mutually helpful and informative experience for people who are in pain and are looking for alternative methods to routine pharmaceutical drugs. Be well!

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7 Responses to Hello friends,T…

  1. bmah says:

    I use arnica balm from My Blue Dolphin Soap Co for joint pain it’s also great for bruising. It will usually clear a bruise in half the time. I will try the NATEUCA eucalyptus spray I had some in the past and could never find it again and man it worked to stop my pain.

  2. NATEUCA.com is the natural alternative that sets me free from pain pills. Hands down. Stop your pain now.

  3. I have terrible gout pain and found the NATEUCA you suggested online and used it. Almost instantly my toe pain went away. That product is amazing to say the least. I also use it on my neck as I have arthritis and it really calms that area to. Wonderful stuff, thank you for the recommendation. I bought it online, just google the NATEUCA.com name for relief.

  4. How about knee pain does NATEUCA work on that?

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